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PostSubject: Site map   Sat Jul 26, 2008 1:59 am

1. World 2 Londinium: Everything about World 2 server. tips tricks, forming alliance, game plan and all.

2. City of Londinium: Common section. Open for general Londinium players, tribes and alliances.
2.A. About Londinium friendship forum: Purpose, feature, site map: Purpose, feature and site map.
2.B. Suggestions and ideas: For all sorts of suggestions, to improve gameplay, the forum itself and others.
2.C. General talk: Talk of The Town: Anything and everything related to Londinium.
2.D. Questions and Answers about Londinium: To meet your need for help.
2.E. Recruiting Center: Advertise your tribe/ yourself. Merging, shifting, migrating or recruiting offers.
2.F. Trading: Trading, hiring, borrowing and auction.
2.G. Forum Problems: Complains and other forum related problems.
2.H. Guest Book: Like the project? Want to say "hi" to all. this is the right place to say so.

3. The City of Cantium: About the tribes, alliances and the communities.
3.A. Trophy Room: Write about your achievements in game. Both in world1 and 2. The history lasts here
3.B. Tribes: Stories of your tribes, concepts, the founding, beginning, the journey, your great players.
3.C. Alliances: Journal of your alliances. The foundations, progress war and peace.
3.D. The Town Hall: Inter tribal meeting room. If you need a place to hold meetings, or to solve issues.

4. The City of Verulamium: Reserved Zone: Free personalized forum reserved for tribes/ alliances
4.A. Want a forum for your tribe/ group?: Post here if you want to reserve a forum for your team with us.
4.B.-Z. Forums to be maintained by different tribes: Forums to be maintained by different tribes

5. Other Online Games: About other Online games. Advertise, make comments, share and have fun.

6. Miscellaneous: Anything off topic.

7. Credit: Stuffs working for this project

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Site map
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