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 About Londinium~Points of Interest

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PostSubject: About Londinium~Points of Interest   Wed Jul 23, 2008 10:22 am

The theme of Londinium:
Londinium is a MMORPG games which will take you to the accient roman time.
The greatest part of this game is the socializing, trading as well as the combat sections.
You give it time and effort, you become more and more reputable and strong as a character.
There is no troops, no villages here, like city/ village building games.
You dont build civilization here.
But you will build your character.

Classes: First of all you will have to choose a class.
That means you will be a civilian of the ancient roman time.
You can be a fighter, a cleric, a barbarian, a thief etc.
Each class has its different attributes. Like special abilities or bonus.

Daily Training points and Upgrade points: You will also get 25 training points everyday.
With this training points you can train speed and strength in the local or tribal gym, or also acquire knowledge in the public library or the tribe library. Speed and strength will help you in fights whereas knowledge enables you to travel to new cities. Tribal gym and library give better increments than the public gym and library.

On the other hand, gaining a level in combat gives you 3 upgrade points which can be used to increase your HP (mainly), speed and strength. Upgrading HP is the best use of those Upgrade points tho.

Energy and resources: Then you will get approximately 150 energy in every 12 hours.
With this energy you can do whatever you like.
You can go to the mines and mine tin/silver, smelt the minerals into bars and forge the bars into nice shiney equipments.
Or go to the river and fish.
Then again, with the fish you can go to the kitchen and cook them.
You can cut down trees in the forest and fletch bows from them.
You can also sell your resources, fish or equipments in the market or buy anything from there.
( If you want to earn your war equipments faster its better to sell your resources in the market or to your team (tribe), and with the money (marks) buy whatever weapon/ armor/ shield/ helmet you need.)

There are different types of minerals. Like tin, silver, gold, iron, titanium and coal.
4 types of wood logs eg. normal, pine, oak and yew.
Great varieties in fishes.

Weapons/ Armors: Weapons and armors are the biggest attraction of the game. Starting from the tin made daggers there are titanium double sided swords, each of them has its characteristic power and style. At least 35 (may be there are more, dunno the exact number) different weapons make the game worth giving a shot.
There are bows for the archers.
And there are shields, helmets and body armors made by different materials and of different power. The great varieties in the equips keeps someone ever busy trying to upgrade his equips.

An ancient iron made Battle Axe commonly used in Londinium..

Besides these there are different capes each with special buffs, like speed, strength, defense and so on. Also animals that boost your speed in the battle field.

Professions and skills:
The more you mine/smelt/fish/cut wood the higher your skill level becomes.
and the higher you skill level the more resources becomes available to you.
Say, at level 1 woodcutting you can only cut normal wood logs, at level 5 woodcutting you can cut pine logs as well. At level 10 you can cut oak logs...and so.

Quests and others: Challenging and interesting quests make Londinium a better game than many others of its kind. Some of the quests gives special rewards and unlocks new areas.
There are public house, lottery, stock market, crimson fashion, employment and estate wars, tribal wars and so on.
You can hang around in the chat box and make lots of friends in this lively community.

Locations: There are three cities, at different levels these locations are unlocked.
At the beginning you can only access The city of Londinium. But there are two more cities named Cantium and Verulamium where you will find new and special items like tiberianus sword, armor set, the temples, the stables, the cape shop, gold, iron, titanium, coal mines/ smelter and forge.

The city of Cantium:

These are all about the basic features of Londinium in brief.

Main interests/ goals:

Combat: In the battle arena you will find many other players at different levels. You can fight them. The more you fight and win the better fighter you become.
Combat is one of the main incentives in this game.

Trading: Almost like real life you can trade, control the market, play monopoly, make a lot of money and test your marketing skills in this game.
An experienced trader is quite a popular figure in this game.

Thieving: Thieving is no doubt one of the toughest challenge and the deadliest weapon to hit someone in game.
No matter what his age and speed/ strength is, you can hit almost anyone with your lightning fast skill in thieving.
However, thieving demands much time and efforts. But a thief who is sporting enough certainly goes for the tough targets rather than picking pocket of new and young players. A thief should keep it friendly and we encourage our thief brothers to return at least a portion of money to the victim, thus make more friends rather than losing them. On the other hand, thieving is a deadly weapon to hit back your enemy and your counter thieves.

Rankings: There are many categories in rankings. Seeing your name in the top list definitely gives a lot of pleasure and a sense of accomplishment.

Team work and achievements:Like a second life in a virtual world, you will wander in the streets of ancient Rome/ England.
People team up here and work together to produce better war equipments and to achieve economical freedom to dominate the world.
Fight your way through, raise your rank, become a mighty warrior, dominate the arena, contribute to the tribe, play as a diplomat, a well known trader and make your tribe proud of you.

Medals: Special award given for special tasks, achievements like helping the game team, donating to the site, chat activity medal and so on.

Medals given for special performance or donation..

World 2/ the speed server: World two is the ultimate place for you to prove the power and spirit within and the it gives an equal chance to prove you are the best team. Simple because tat server resets after a while and all the players and teams have to start from the very beginning. So competition is hard inn world 2.
On the other hand world1 is a continuous server, which doesnt reset.
Therefore the tribes and alliances in world1, new or old, small or large, often wait eagerly for the speed server and take that as a stage to show the world how good they really are.

So, friend, a lot of excitement awaits you. And Londi may become a part and parcel of your life for the coming days;)
Just have patience and try out different links and you will learn everything soon..
Go ahead young one, every little step you take and each unit of energy you spend will take you closer to the glory.
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About Londinium~Points of Interest
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